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We’ve designed our center to provide all of the essential tools to help our kids thrive in many aspects of their daily lives. Our atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a perfect blend of timeless essentials and integration of the newest technology.

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Family First Center for Autism and Child Development provides a range of therapeutic services and training opportunities to support your child and family. Our goal is to provide you and your family with continuous support.  From ongoing parent support and training to provide you with daily updates on your child's progress, we are here for you! 
Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a scientific, research-based therapy that is incredibly beneficial for teaching and generalizing new skills, maintaining old skills, and reducing inappropriate behaviors. ABA is intensive and research shows us that without intensive treatment, progress is not as substantial.

ABA Therapy

Staff Collaboration


Social Skills Development

Parent Training

Insurance Consultation

School Consultation

Speech Therapy

Community Support

Room to Grow

In addition to multiple therapy rooms, our facilities also include a kitchen area, multiple bathrooms, and large recreation areas, allowing for flexible therapy programs to address the many unique needs that children with autism may face.

Whether your child was recently diagnosed with autism or has received a diagnosis in the past, knowing what to do next can be an overwhelming process! From insurance consultation, ongoing assessment and evaluation, to collaboration with providers, we provide it all for your child at Family First.