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KC Front

Our facilities provide endless resources and tools for your child in a warm and fun environment.  From verbal communication to social skills development, we are fully equipped to help address your child's needs.

Our kitchen allows the kids to observe and participate in producing meals. Not only are these crucial skills for becoming more independent, experiencing the cooking process can help even the pickiest eaters broaden their tastes.

KC Kitchen

What do you want to work for today? Our kids often struggle with staying focused and finding the motivation to complete a task. Our toy room is a safe and fun play area with a variety of sensory-oriented toys to interact with. After a task is complete, some time in the toy room is a highly prized reward.

Group space allows the kids to interact with each other comfortably.

KC Group Space

Individual workrooms let us work one-on-one on any number of goals.

KC Shower

Sometimes children with autism struggle with maintaining a regular hygiene schedule. We have a tooth brushing station, shower, and bathroom training equipment.  From de-sensitization techniques to visual schedules, we help our children feel more comfortable with maintaining a consistent hygiene routine.

We have a fully functional laundry room that the kids can use to learn about washing their clothing. It can also be used in case of messy accidents!

KC laundry